Multiple Clipping Path
Multiple Clipping Path
Clipping Path
Clipping Path
image restorations

Image Restorations Services:

Image restoration service refers to the recovery of original image that has got dust, scratches, lines and blurriness with passing the time image Restoration Service is just like recreation of those pictures which are edited properly and can give a life again or brand new to the dead pictures. Image Restoration can be done by Repair Damaged Photo, restore black and white historical images, repair torn image, restore of damp & faded photo. restore of light – exposed image, adjustment of tonal, removal of red eye. using color hue balance & Color Correction. adjustment of white & gray balance and extreme high end products retouching.


  1. The repair, removal or large reduction of faded lines.
  2. Enhanced or improved colour hue and saturation (in colour images only).
  3. The removal of tears, stains, holes and pen marks.
  4. Removing Exposure defects.
  5. A general image clean-up – e.g. dust, scratches and blemishes.

Traits of Multiple Clipping Path/ Color Path/ Color Correction :

  1. If you do not wish for all of these edits to be done or you require additional edits, please give specific instructions.
  2. Also specify any colour preferences if you require a colourisation.
  3. The maximum print size recommended is no larger than 2½ times the original size

We are so confident in our work that we extend a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

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